A R3 broker fee will be applicable to all products. This will be added to the premium on your product.

Motor Products

Auto Top Up ( Gap cover)

Auto Top Up is a shortfall product which protects the customer in the event of
the insured vehicle being written off or stolen and recovered/damaged.

We cover the gap between the claim payment amount from the vehicle insurer and the
outstanding finance amount owing to the bank.

We will also insure the deposit paid at the time of purchase of your vehicle.

We will indemnify you for either actual deposit paid or 10% of the insured
value of the 
vehicle at the time of claim.

Quote is available at request

Scratch & Dent with License Protect

Repair scratches and dents visible on your vehicle up to R5000. Number of claims are unlimited per year.
3 Year Guarantee on all completed work.

License protect will help you renew your motor vehicle license and deliver the license to your door.

Cover Limit of Indemnity Excess Premium
Scratch & Dent R3 000 R400 R89.00
Scratch & Dent Plus R5 000 R600 R109.00

Mechanical Breakdown

This product offers you financial protection if your vehicle breaks
down due to mechanical or electrical failure.

The mechanical or electrical failure occurs to a range of parts,
including engine, gearbox, steering, fuel system, cooling system,
air-conditioner, drive shafts, prop shaft, or electronic ignition.

Quote is available at request

Tyre & Rim with Fines Protect

Repairs or replace tyres and/or rims caused by pothole damage
on our South African roads

Fines Protect alerts you of any new fine received nationally
and negotiates up to 100% discounts on all fines.
Also provides an easy payment method for your fines.

Tyre Incident Limit Rim Incident Limit Annual Limit Rim Excess Tyre Excess Premium
R1 000 R1 000 2 Tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents R100 Used tread R69
R2 000 R2 000 2 Tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents R200 Used tread R89
R3 000 R3 000 2 Tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents R300 Used tread R109
R5 000 R5 000 2 Tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents R500 Used tread R149
R10 000 R10 000 2 Tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents R1 000 Used tread R179

Personal Products with Accident Protect

Personal Accident

Is an accident cover that covers the insured for accidental death,
disability and includes a daily hospital benefit.

Hospitalization due to an accident is covered from day 1 up to
2 years consecutive stay

Permanent disablement as a result of an accident that prevents client
from doing totally or partially the usual or similar occupation
(payout according to a scale of benefits)

Main Member & 5 Dependent children (21 – 25 full time registered students)

Spouse/partner can also be included upon request at an additional cost.

Accident Protect will assist in lodging a claim on your behalf to the
Road Accident fund for a maximum payout. 100% Payout will be
paid directly to the client

Cover offered between the ages of 21 – 65

Individual Only

Death Disability Hospital * Main Member Premium

Spouse/Partner Premium

Plan A  

R50,000 R50,000 R100 p/day  R59.00


Plan B  

R150,000 R150,000 R150 p/day R99.00


Plan C  

R250,000 R250,000 R200 p/day R115.00


Plan D  

R350,000 R350,000 R350 p/day R135.00


Plan E  

R500,000 R500,000 R500 p/day R189.00


Funeral Cover

Provides cover for main member & immediate family including parents, parents-in-law

       Suicide is covered (24 month waiting period applies)

Accidental death claims are settled within 2 working days

Death due to natural causes come with a 6 months waiting period

HIV/Aids cover is included

One age band of 18-65 years. Whether you are 18 or 65 you will pay
exactly the same premium.

Repatriation benefit is included in the plan to help in the transportation
of the deceased body to the burial home

Individual Cover
Policyholder R5 000 R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
Premium R26 R36 R45 R54 R64 R73
Family Cover
Policyholder R5 000 R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R25 000 R30 000
Child 14-21 R3 000 R6 000 R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R25 000
Child 6-13 R1 000 R2 000 R5 000 R8 000 R10 000 R10 000
Child 0-5 R750 R1 250 R2 000 R3 000 R3 000 R4 000
Stillborn R750 R1 250 R1 500 R1 500 R1 500 R1 500
Premium R62 R73 R86 R108 R125 R136

Cellphone Insurance

Will repair or replace your cellphone against the following:

Water Damage Cover


Accidental damage

Cover has worldwide coverage with a 24 hour replacement service, depending on availability of stock.

Cellphone Value Premiums 1st Excess Subsequent Excess
Minimum R2000 R39.89 R500.00 R750.00
R2001 – R2000 R44.96 R500.00 R750.00
R2001 – R3000 R54.48 R650.00 R975.00
R3001 – R4000 R101.02 R750.00 R1125.00
R4001 – R4500 R109.95 R850.00 R1275.00
R4501 – R5000 R162.62 R950.00 R1425.00
R5001 – R6000 R191.44 R1100.00 R1650.00
R6001 – R7000 R216.36 R1250.00 R1875.00
R7001 – R8000 R233.38 R1400.00 R2100.00
R8001 – R9000 R293.68 R1550.00 R2325.00
R9001 – R10000 R342.18 R1700.00 R2550.00
R10001 – R20000 R343.00 R2200.00 R3300.00

Legal Cover

 Covers the Policyholder, spouse and 4 dependent children with legal
assistance and representation in and out of the courtroom.

Plans covers criminal, civil, labour and family matters.

The three main benefits under the policy are: –

Basic – Unlimited telephonic advice ONLY for new and existing legal matters.
There is no waiting period for this benefit.

Mediation –  Administration service i.e. sending emails, letters of demand,
faxes etc. on your behalf. Strategic negotiations until all options are exhausted
to resolve matters without going into court. However, should court be
inevitable, the litigation benefit shall kick in.

Litigation –  Legal representation in court

Litigation Benefit limit start from R55 000/R75 000/R120 000 per annum
for the whole family. (waiting periods apply accordingly)

Opposed Divorces up to R10 000

Unopposed Divorces

Maintenance Hearings

Disciplinary hearings

Bail filing

Identity Theft – Will assist in clearing your name with blacklisting due to identity theft

Tax Benefit– Will provide completion & submission of personal tax returns
for the Main member ONLY. Will provide the following:

Completion & submission of provisional tax returns

Advice on salary structuring

Tax planning

Handle dispute resolution with SARS

Handle objection on assessment from SARS

Calculation of Capital Gains Tax and donations tax

Assistance with assessment audits and advice on all the above

Law For All is the service provider of this product

Annual Litigation Cover R55 000 R75 000 R120 000
Premium R65 R85 R120
Waiting Period 3 Months 3 Months 1 Month
Litigation Benefits Civil Matters Civil Matters Civil Matters
Bail & Criminal Bail & Criminal Bail & Criminal
Disciplinary Hearing Disciplinary Hearing Disciplinary Hearing
ID Theft ID Theft ID Theft
Unopposed Divorces Unopposed Divorces
Maintenance Hearing Opposed Divorces up to R10 000
Labour Court
    Rescission Of Judgment

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